Supporting LGBTQs right to offices? Why don’t we allow armed robbers and coup plotters too?

Supporting LGBTQs right to offices? Why don’t we allow armed robbers and coup plotters too?

Ghanaian laws are vehemently against Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other Queer (LGBTQ) groups that engage in unnatural sex practices. Section 104 of Ghana’s criminal code makes it succinctly clear the illegality of the practice here in Ghanaian soil.

The import of the criminal code on the subject is the prohibition of unnatural carnal knowledge of another person. So it’s criminal for anyone to engage in such unnatural canal sex in Ghana. That is what our criminal code says on the practice. Period!

In order to offer it some level of acceptability, proponents of LGBTQ have been arguing that the practice has gone beyond the realm of man-made laws to that of an inalienable liberty or right, where every individual has the right of choice and association.

That is the argument often cited by the Western powers to back people who are Gays, Lesbians and others with similar sexual orientations. To such advocates, the practice is subsumed also in what they consider to be their cultural values-which is more of civil rights and liberties.

That has been the counter argument being advanced by the Western powers to counter that of developing countries whose hostile position on the subject is leaned towards their cultural and customary beliefs more than even their constitutional laws.

Perhaps, the Western bloc is only pretending not to know that customs and believes.

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