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I’m now an evangelist; I won’t worship my deities again – Nana Agradaa

Popular traditional priest who recently got arrested for operating a television channel without authorisation, Nana Agradaa, has converted to Christianity.

She told the media at a press conference on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, she encountered Christ after she got arrested.

Nana Agradaa said she had a covenant with Jesus even before she was sent to court.

She said she told Jesus Christ that she would worship him if she got out of the trouble.

“I threw a challenge to God to rescue me from the accusations leveled against me because I had no hopes,” she noted.

“I told God He’s the Supreme Being. if I’m not incarcerated after stepping foot in court that day. I’ll hail Him. After I threw that challenge to God. I stepped out from the cell,” he added.

She also narrated that what confirmed her belief in Jesus was when at the National Security Office gospel musicians Nicholas Omane Acheampong and Great Ampong went to see her.

“They told me that Christ had sent them, Christ had asked them to come and encourage me and also to tell me He will intercede. And that after the intercession. I should worship Him because this is the time,” she said.

“Glory be to God! When I got to the court. the judge only asked for my signature and passport. That was when I lifted my eyes unto the Lord and told Him I’ll fulfill my part of the deal,” she further noted.

She said: “I promised to not worship deities again. I don’t even want to be called Nana Agradaa anymore.

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