I’m Not Asking For Change Of Leaders, I’m Asking For Quality Leadership- Captian Smart

Must respected Captain Smart a Ghanaian outspoken media personality and now former Angel Fm presenter has shared his view about the recent ongoing #FitTheCountry movement in the country recently.

After his suspension by his former boss from ABN Angel Broadcasting Networks Dr. Kwaku Oteng, following complaints from some ranking Government officials that he (Captian Smart) is tarnishing their images by putting pressure on them in some ways.

According to him, he is not in line with the #FixTheCountry movement but rather asking for quality leadership, “I’m not asking for change of leaders, I’m asking for quality leadership because everything under the sun is leadership the rest are just effects the youth are suffering” part of his speech read, even dough some netizens are of the view that the Government should fix the country before anything else but Captian smart on the other hand is also calling for quality leadership because he thinks that’s the only way to fix the broken economy in the country.

The must-listen radio presenter Captian Smart seems not to give up on his mission to put our leaders on their toes by saying the truth that some other media houses find it difficult to talk about, He speaks about everything that has something to do with the Ghanaian economy on his newly established online Tv station SMART TV in which he’s still continuing what he was doing at Angel Fm by his suspension.


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