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Pastor caught sleeping with pregnant married woman at 4 am [WATCH]

According to a K24Digital publication, Kakamega, a Kenyan pastor from Lugari, was found hands down in bed at 4 am with a neighbor’s wife on Thursday. The woman who was reported to be 7 months pregnant husband had traveled when she was warming up her husband’s bed with another man.

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The study reported that at 4 a.m., the woman’s husband came home unannounced and found Pastor Peter Afagara in bed with his wife in Mukuyu, Mautuma, Lugari Sub-County. The husband of the woman claimed he was evidently told while he was not present, his wife was secretly seeing the priest.

“On Wednesday night, I travelled to Lugari from Nakuru without alerting my wife. At 4am, I went home unannounced, and caught the pastor in the act with my partner,” the woman’s husband said. After the frustrating development, the husband forwarded the news about the predicament to the elders of the community.

The wife and husband who stood before the elders’ council accused each other for the wife accuse her husband of desertion. Pastor Peter Afagara, on the other side, was confessed to wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness.

The Council of Elders ordered that Peter, the priest, should pay a fine to the husband as punishment, even though the husband insisted on divorcing his wife.

Kindly watch the video below.

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