Hon Justina Marigold Assan, Regional Minister for Central region embraces Central Entertainment and Business Awards (CEBA21).

The Central Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Marigold Assan, earlier this week met with the executives of the Central Entertainment and Business Awards to discuss the direction of the award scheme in relation to the regions’ development.
It can be recalled that, the Minister, on several occasions and platforms, has urged her people to help her develop the region and foster its progress. Thus, as part of a grand scheme to make the region a viable alternative to businesses and tourists, the Minister gladly embraced the idea of honoring people who have made and are making such efforts to cement that course of action.

It is to that effect, that she accented to the idea that, the regalia of the region should be displayed beyond regional boundaries; the region should be noted for not only tourism but a hub of Ghanaian arts, music, hospitality and culture as well as local businesses.

In the meeting, the executives and the Minister both came to a general opinion that, the progress of the region does not rest on one person’s shoulder neither does it do on a “stand-alone” plan. It has to be woven with several industry members such as the entertainment players and small local businesses.

The executives further stressed that, there should be a paradigm shift in regional economic development in Ghana. Citing places like Las Vegas, Dubai, Amsterdam, etc, that have thrived on entertainment, tourism and events such as CEBA, the Minister also assured them of her and her office’s unwavering support towards the event.

She commended them to lead this positive course to help uplift the global image of the region and hopes this event will mark a milestone in the full development of the region.

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