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Be vigilant for your victory: Apostle Aidoo


Apostle Robert Kwesi Aidoo, the overseer for the Central District ‘A’ and the head pastor of Bisease Central assembly of Christian Faith Church International (CFCI) has admonished Christians to be vigilant in this end time. Basing his sermon on biblical scripture from Proverbs 22:3, he described a vigilant person as a wise man who forsee evil and hides himself from it.


Delivering the sermon during the divine service at the Bisease Central assembly of CFCI on Sunday, June 13, he said it is imperative for every Christian to be vigilant because the end time is near and that the rapture can take place at anytime. “Friends, everything going on now is a clear indication that the we are in the end time. We can have rapture today so you have to be watchful”, he said.
He further stated that the world has become inconsistent, and that it takes vigilance to make a meaningful life.


Again, Apostle Aidoo highlighted three critical areas that everybody must be vigilant at. He said there must be vigilance at the body, salvation and life. He said many people today do not have time to take good care of themselves. This situation, according to him, is worse among pastors in Ghana and many other parts of the world. ” Take good care of your body. There have been several reports of death and poor health condition among many men of God all because of stress”, he stated.


Published by Vincent Kweku Afriyie, CFCI, Ajumako Bisease


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