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Shatta Wale Starts Another Beef


Shatta Wale has vented his anger on entertainment pundit in a 2-minutes song released over the week.

Anold Baidoo and Shatta Wale clashed on a live TV show last Saturday night, the latter expressed his dissatisfaction over a comment by the former where he described him (Shatta Wale) as a confused artiste.


The dancehall king, who did not take such statement lightly also fired back at the pundit and raided insults on him. He described Anold as a pauper and mocked at his shoes, claiming it costs GH¢2.50.

It appeared the matter had died out after the two smoked peace pipe on the show, but to the dismay of music fans, Shatta Wale did not let the sleeping dog lie when he released a diss song for Anold Baidoo.


In the song, he was heard saying “What be your problem, entertainment journalist? For where? Who bi you? See face, see shoe?

On the release of the song, many has questioned Shatta Wale’s motive for doing this. He has received wide range of criticism from many music fans and social media fanatics, labelling the song ‘Irrelevant’.


Shatta Wale over the years has ‘fought’ every stakeholder in the music industry. Award organizers, colleague craft-makers, and now entertainment.

You can listen to diss song below


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