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Ajumako-Bisease: Aseda Talented Kids 2021 Kicks off on Sunday.


Biztown Recodz, an event and music production management in collaboration with Aseda Event Centre in Ajumako-Bisease bring you another electrifying event dubbed Aseda Talented Kids with the auditioning coming off this Sunday, 27th June, 2021 at 7:00pm.

Today’s children are endowed with great talents – dance, singing, rapping, poetry recitation and a host of several others but the opportunity to exhibit them are limited.


Unfortunately, the very few opportunities that exist are mostly found in the capital city which makes it expensive to participate, not to talk about winning.

With the great vision of Biztown Recodz and Aseda Event Centre, the program has been brought to your doorstep and with just some few steps from your home, your child will be a super star in no time.


Parents and guardians should take advantage of this great opportunity and encourage their wards to participate in this program.

Apart from the amazing prizes to be won, the program will also afford the kids the opportunity to broaden their horizon in the area of their talent exhibition through constant learning and research.

Aseda Talented Kids is here to help everyone so embrace it now.


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