Teenager Kills His Father At Assin Manso


A 19 year old boy, Kwesi Tayi has stabbed his father to death at Assin Manso in the Central Region on Friday 23rd July, 2021.

The 51 year old Mr Kwesi Dagaati, a sanitation officer at Assin Manso Senior High School and a corn mill operator met his unfortunate death at his corn mill when his son stabbed him thrice in the stomach, ribs and on the neck.

An eye witness account described that Mr Dagaati had earlier gone to the market to get some groceries for the family, after which he proceeded to the corn mill to serve his customers who have brought their maize for processing.

The account continues that there was a large screaming from the mill, which caught the attention of the people around the area to rush to see what was happening.


The account further reveals that on the arrival, Kwesi Tayi was in the act with his father lying in the pool of blood. He threatened to kill anybody who would go close to him or his father.

When Ahotsew TV reporter spoke to some of the residence in the area, they said the son had threaten to take his father’s life when there was a little misunderstanding between them few days ago. This, they believe could have resulted in the detestable act by the boy.

When Tayi was done with this cruelty, he run to the Assin Manso police station to report himself. The police has launched investigation into the matter.

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