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Homecoming Gala: Nyatsiadze Deepens the Woes of Bantoma.


It was a nightmare for the defending champions, Bantoma when they lost 0-1 to Nyatsiadze in the final Group B match in the Nana Special Gala.

The lost has seen the champions booted out without obtaining a single point in this year’s competition.

Adams Woode second half goal for Nyatsiadze separated the men from the boys paving the way for Hon Martin Mensah’s guards to set up a difficult semi final encounter with their compatriots, Salem.


This year’s competition has seen very remarkable performances from Nyatsiadze and it is not surprising to see them in the semi finals.

The competition continues on Sunday 1st August, 2021 with the semifinals matches, where Nyatsiadze faces off with Salem and Etsifi taking on Station.

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