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Homecoming Gala: Salem Beats Nyatsiadze To Book Their Place in Finals.

Salem reigned supreme in a marathon penalty shootout against their neighbours, Nyatsiadze on Sunday afternoon to qualify to the grand finale of the 2021 Homecoming Gala.

The match met the administration of the many supporters who thrilled Roman Park in the afternoon, when both teams’ determination produced a high-spirited game.

There were end-to-end actions from both teams, with considerable amount of chances created in both halves, yet none could find the back of the net.

Consequently, the lottery of penalties was resorted to. Nyatsiadze had the advantage to win the penalties, when Salem missed their fourth kick, but what should have been the last kick of the game was missed as well.

Salem goalkeeper, Sarfo put up a terrific safe to hand over the advantage to Salem, which they took to book their place in the grand finale.

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