Never lose hope, never in your life think it will not succeed as a Christian always remember at the time

Never lose hope, never in your life think it will not succeed as a Christian always remember at the time of Philistines and Israel, when the ark was taken by the Philistines immediately the one who run from the war told Eli that the ark has taken away Mr Eli fell backwards and died and the wife of phinehas was also pregnant as soon as she heard the ark of God of Israel is taken away she bowed and gave birth they thought it is finished see the pain, they lose their everything, because the one I always looked at has taken away the one that always motive me is gone, but read something here 1st SAMUEL 5:11

THEY sent therefore and gathered together all the lord’s of Philistines and said ”SEND AWAY THE ARK OF THE GOD OF ISRAEL, AND LET IT RETURN TO ITS OWN PLACE , THAT IT MAY NOT KILL US AND OUR PEOPLE. “FOR THERE WAS A DEATHLY PANIC THROUGHOUT THE HOLE CITY . see when you selves the Lord With your heart you will lose nothing I said nothing onless you don’t have faith they may think their gossiping about you so people will leave you they don’t know their rather clearing the worst people FROM your life , see they may think their doing you, they will never know they are strengthen you to become a king over over them if you think am lying ask JOSEPH, trust every process in life and selves the Lord well use gosple and worship to clear any bad sounds , when the faith it there nothing is impossible .

May God bless you and lift you high, may Elohim never turne his face from you, may he makes you prosper in life , may he makes you fruitful , may he always be With us,

read your Bible every blessed day you will b e bless .MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.


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