Motivation Words

Together we Build Mama Africa


Everyone must play their part for we’re all Africans!
This is not my fight alone, it’s our fight and Bless and Love to those who are awaken Us. Am doing this because it’s the right thing to do.
Africa is our motherland, so we must fight for her, we can’t sit and wait for a saviour to save us from the whiteman oppression and now we Oppressed ourselves massively than than one who taught Us that We can’t just be here looking when our riches are being taken for free, most of our Leaders and ourselves has turn to Pulpits to b Used against ourselves, what a shock!!!! we must benefit from the beauty of our motherland.
Our children are starving because one stranger is milking everything from our land, someone will ask who is giving them the cordial happiness, pls is We due to our Ignorant and Greediness. The stranger we welcomed with love now has made us strangers in our own home.
We must wake up and throw him out, and yes we gonna but only if we stand together✊🏿
Rising time African Children, play your part
Get Up Stand Up Africa🖤
By the way Happy 🌞 day.




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