Meet The Most “Horror” Looking Boy Residents Call Alien and Stigmatized -See Photos

We all think that we have seen it all until we finally see it. Some things are explainable and when we come across such things we feel like our problems are so small and simple compared to problems like this one.

Meet baby Sidiveri who bullies call an alien. His mother, called Liberata tells story about her son who has a triangular shaped head and as a result bullies call him an alien.

What is happening to this woman’s baby is unbelievable, everyone that looks at it get shocked and become speechless. However this woman is really worried about the life of her baby because what she is going through is too much for her.

Her husband left her the moment he saw this baby saying he does not give birth to monsters and so his wife should take it back to the devil where she got it from.

She has struggled with life and this is what she is still doing until today. According to Liberata, she went mad at some point because of what was happening to her. No one always wanted to talk to her at all, because they all run away the moment they see the baby. They call it a monster and an alien and they are all scared of it.

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The pain that this baby is going through is too much, because it is always crying and what keeps on hurting his mother is she cannot do anything about it. No one is ready to help her as well because she cannot really explain or tell them about what she is always carrying. She lived in the city before but because of this baby she now finds herself in a village where she was born to seek for help which is far from the city.

She had a family in the city before but because of this baby her husband left her and the rest of the kids who are normal and never came. Life became so difficult for her in the city so she had to leave her children there on their own and come to her hometown with the last one to seek for help from family members.

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