Video: Drink blood if you want to be like us- Sakawa boys fume

In the Latest development, some group of alleged money ritualists was captured on the streets of Ofinso displaying a convoy of luxurious cars.

In the video first documented by Joynews, the boys where filmed splashing money on the streets and flaunting their wealth

The shocking part of this whole video is at the point where one of the alleged scammers stated that one cannot be like them unless he or she can drink blood.

This statement goes a long to cement the fact that the wealth of these boys did not come from spilling sweat but the blood of innocent people

Many viewers have lamented this video especially due to the fact money rituals have been on the rise in Ghana.

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We Are About To Give You The Baddest Song Ever Which Coming On Your Way.Fox Beatz gives you the hot tune tittled IN THE CLUBE a song that more people are waiting toDrop!!!.

And Now We Are About To Give You The Baddest Song Ever Which Coming On Your Way. Fox Beatz gives you the hot tune tittled IN THE CLUBE song more people are waiting for.

This is the song more people are waiting for and am here to assure you that this BANGER will be drop soon.

Dropping date 15th-10-2021

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Dropping date 15th-10-2021

Beautiful sister of Twene Jonas threatens Nana Addo if her missing brother is not found

The Stunning sister of Twene Jonas has stormed social media to ask the president of the republic, Nana Addo to aid in bringing back her missing brother.

Twene Jonas

Her fury was triggered after the friend of Twene Jonas took to the internet to lament about how the popular government critique has gone missing from the apartment they both share in the United States of America.

According to Twene Jonas’s sister, certain individuals such as Hopeson Adorye, Archipalago, and Ernest Owusu Bempah are prime suspects of her brother’s predicament.

She went on to state that her dear brother only got involved in social media skits for the betterment of Ghana and does not deserve the current punishment meted out to him.

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How Much Audiomack Pay Per Stream 2021

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How much audiomack pays? The demand for music rises continuously as the world’s population grows. Even today, the love for music is endless. There are thousands of songs that are being released every month. There are over seventeen million streams plus thousands of users on the audiomack platform each month, making it one of the topmost streaming music sites.

Getting paid for your streams for free isn’t it great

How much Audiomack pay? The audiomack platform has it all for you, it has introduced a special tool called Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) onto the platform in 2020 for it, creators to get paid for what they love doing and help them built their careers. The AMP is proven, with thousands of creators already leveraging the platform

1,000,000 streams

The internet has been one of the biggest grounds to make money from as an artist, even distribution has never been that easy in the 19’s, unlike today where you can get it all done on your bed with ease.

Some people still could not believe that you can make millions of dollars from the internet genuinely. Audiomack is finally here to bring those future dreams of it, content creators, into reality, I know many of you think making money on audiomack is not possible just read ahead this article will tell you all you need to know about the AMP program and how much you can earn from audiomack. How much Audiomack pay So, let’s dive in:

Make money with your Audiomack Streams
A guide on how much a creator can actually earn on audiomack

As of now the audiomack monetization program (AMP) is a new feature that is introduced onto the platform, so earnings largely depend on the total revenues generated within a given calendar month.

How much a creator earned per stream:

How much Audiomack pay? It depends on how much the platform generates from Ads and subscriptions.

  • If generates the sum of Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars from Ads and Subscriptions in a given calendar month (including deductions for Actual Costs) and the total number of Streams on Audiomack for that given month is Ten Million (10,000,000) Streams, the Revenue Per Stream for that given month shall be one-tenth of one cent ($0.001).

If in that same given month, the number of Streams of solely Rightsholder’s Monetized Content is One Hundred Thousand (100,000), then to calculate Rightsholder’s particular Amp Revenue Share it is necessary to multiply the Revenue Per Stream ($0.001) by the number of streams of Rightsholder’s Monetized Content (100,000). Example: [100,000 x 0.001] In the case of this example, Rightsholder’s Revenue Per Stream would be One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars.

From that point, Rightsholder’s Amp Revenue Share would be Fifty (50%) Percent of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, which would entitle Rightsholder to the sum of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars as Rightsholder’s Compensation for that given month.

  • In the case of this example a creator will earn between ($0.001 to $0.005) per stream on
How much a creator earned per 1,000 streams:

As of now creators only make money from their streams If generates the sum of Ten Thousand ($10,000.00 or more) Dollars from Ads and Subscriptions in a month (including deductions for Actual Costs) and the total number of Streams on Audiomack for that given month is Ten Million (10,000,000 or more) Streams, the Revenue for every 1,000 Streams for the month shall be between ($1 to $5), How much Audiomack pay for 1,000,000?

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How much a creator earned per 1,000,000 streams:

To hit the one million milestone streams is a great success and a creator may earn $1,000 to $5,000 in every 1,000,000 streams with a 50% share that a creator will directly receive between $500 to $2,500. However, these figures will only determine how much the platform generates within that particular month. It was set to pay $0.001 per stream if the platform generates ten million streams in a month but over the last two months, at each month it counts over seventeen million-plus streams which may make payment not to be consistent. How much Audiomack pay 10,000,000?

How much a creator earned per 10,000,000 streams:

A creator should be targeting an earning, ratio of $10,000 to $50,000 for every 10,000,000 streams and should be receiving the 50% share between $1,000 to $25,000 as said early, It will depend on how much generates in that particular month.

To make a great turn up on your music income, one needs to keep up with a regular releasing of content/music, which will help you secure a space in the platform and you might have a greater chance of funding your, songs in the trending list which is a strong tool in promoting it creators and their songs.

A creator will only receive 50% of their loyalties on Audiomack

There you have the chance of increasing your streams as well as your followers.

But remember good staff always sell itself, so it is advisable to keep pushing hard to release good music and surely make that cash flow with no cost.

Creators Earning Percentage

NOTE: only payout 50% to its creator monetized content. For example, if a creator monetized content generates $200, that creator will only be paid $100 which turns to be 50%.

Remember the platform is completely free and does not charge you for any service, unlike other streaming platforms that will charge you before allowing your music onto their site.

What Considered As A Stream On Audiomack

The platform only considered any soundtrack that is streamed 30 seconds or longer as a stream. All instances where a song, mixtape, or podcast are streamed for less than 30 seconds would not be considered an audiomack stream.

Minimum Payout On Audiomack

The minimum payout is $50, but for one to get paid he/she needs to generate at least $100.00 in their AMP account. You will only be paid 50% of your earnings. On 8th July 2021, Audiomack announced to have open monetization to all creators worldwide

No Mercy For The Wicked Man: 29k Apenkwa Armed Robbery Gang In Fresh Trouble

At a point when the entire country has been praising COP George Akuffo Dampare and his men for working hard to reduce crime and its related activities in the country, another serious armed robbery incident has been recorded in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The daylight robbery happened at Apenkwa.

Fortunately, nobody died from the scene even though there were gunshots. The armed robbers who were three in number were apparently tracing their victim who had an amount of 29, 000 Ghana Cedis on her. The thirty-three-year-old woman had moved from the bank with the money when the armed robbers attacked her at gunpoint and bolted with the cash leaving her unhurt.


A bystander who had nothing to do with the incident is reported to have been shot and sustained injuries. He is currently receiving treatment. It beat imagination how these armed robbers were able to detect that the woman was going to the bank to withdraw such an amount of money. Someone closer might have tipped the armed robbers to act.

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The armed robbery gang left the scene without trace but the police have started vigorous investigations to bring track down. There is no mercy for the wicked man and the COP George Akuffo Dampare Police Command has expressed their willingness to get them arrested as soon as possible to enable the laws of the country to deal with them.


They have signaled that the armed robbers have all the opportunity in this world to run but they cannot hide whilst the police administration is deploying all their tactics. This has created fresh trouble for the armed robbers because the police have told the public to also be on standby to fish out anyone with strange behavior in their vicinities.


We can trust the COP George Akuffo Dampare police administration to ensure that persons who involve themselves in one crime or the other will be arrested in no time. The intelligence level being exhibited by the administration in the country recently is making it difficult for the armed robbers to operate. Residents in the country are being advised to ensure bank transactions are made safe without any form of communication to a third party. Mobile banking can as well be considered in this modern age. But the ‘wicked’ armed robbers are in serious trouble once the police have signaled that they will be arrested.