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Sad News Confirmed; Kante Passed On At Dormaa Few Days After Signing To Play For A Bigger Team.

Dormaa based football club Unity FC is mourning the passing away of a midfielder Katongo Kante. The club took to their officially Facebook page to confirm this Sad announcement.

“we wish to announce our deepest condolences to the family and the entire team of Atesikrom fc for the lost of their beloved midfielder popularly known as KATONGO OR KANTE.We the team of Dormaa unity sporting club, from the president,the management and the playing body are in deep grief for our counterpart. 

 As we always say, God knows best. As we mourn our Departed brother,we also want to say, stay courageous and focus on the remaining matches which includes the middle league.We wish you all the best. Rest well Katongo Kante” A statement from Dormaa Unity FC was shared on Facebook.

Kante’s closest friend Patrick Akwaagyei said nothing pains him more than how Death has destroyed the chances of Katongo Kante.

” He was a good footballer who was supposed to leave and play for a Bigger Team. He has finished signing all necessarily documents few days ago. I’m in Deep pains” He also shared in the grief.

Check out screenshots of Dormaa Unity FC as posted on Facebook below with the sad announcement.

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