Has Built An Electric Incubator With Local Materials

In a viral photos trending on the social media has spotted a boy who has used our local materials to build an electric incubator. A young boy whose name has been identified as Samuel Asante, a student of Nkwatia Methodist Junior High School (JHS) has shaked the internet with his talent.

From the report gathered has suggested that the young boy has been able to use his electric incubator to hatch eggs into chicks. Many people have gone crazy about this young boy for exhibiting his talent. The photos ever since it hits online has received a lot of reactions from many people.

People who reacted has called on the government to support this young boy in order to produce these electric incubators for poultry famers in the country. Many Ghanaians have talents and if attention is paid to these talents it will help boost Ghana’s Economy and can in tend bring job to the youth in the country.

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