Meet The Only African Man Who Is Richer Than Joe Biden, He Made His Money From An Unexpected Source

Joe Biden, the 46th USA president, is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest figures in history to reach the summit of the White House. President Biden’s wealth is projected to be USD2.1 billion, as said by Forbes.

Aliko Dangote, on the other hand, was ranked Africa’s wealthiest man for the tenth time. Based on the most recent Investopedia report, his valuation is USD10.9 billion, making him richer than the president of the USA. Dangote is currently ranks 162nd amongst the other world’s wealthiest individuals.

Picture of him and his uncle who gave him loan to start up his business:

The Nigerian billionaire developed his business skills at an early age, according to reports, and began building his career with a grant from his uncle. Dangote’s riches are mostly based on his cement factory, Dangote Cement, from which he owns 85% through an investment company.

Picture of his mansion:

Other than Dangote Cement, Aliko Dangote runs a sugar company that was classified as the world’s third biggest in 2021. In terms of his prosperity, Aliko Dangote is claimed to own a super expensive private jet.

Pictures of his expensive private jets:

Bombardier’s Global Express XRS aircraft from Canada is the trademark of the private jet. Which is said to have cost around $45 million to purchase.

The jet is regarded as one of the most durable in the world, and although having a capacity of only 8 passengers, it can travel enormous miles uninterrupted, such as from Ghana to China.

Pictures of his fleet of cars in his garage:

Dangote is reported to have luxury cars, several of which are some of the most costly in the world, in addition to aircrafts.

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