People Call My Daughter A Spirit: Meet The 2-Year-Old Boy Who Was Born With Something Different

We always wish we could have a peaceful, positive, and unchallenging life that is only filled with joy and happiness without challenges and problems but little do we know that problems and challenges are an important part of life. It gives us experiences, makes us land, helping us to become wiser and stronger.

Problems shape and make us grow, the biggest problem people have is that they only hope for a life empty of problems but filled with peace, luxury, comfort beyond measure, satisfaction, and more.

But one thing we must bear in mind is that, if we always wish for peace and a successful life without problems or challenges, then heaven is the only place that can give us that peace and comfort.

With pain in my heart, a sense of optimism is my aim, a song on my lips, empathy in my veins, I write to inspire, conquer, lift, educate, inform, and hit the door of your problems making it realize you have inspiring stories to read and learn from. I am Rebecca Bantie, a student at the Nursing Training College, Wa and I write to inspire.

Meet the lovely family of two that were happy hopeful of soon having a baby that could be an emblem of joy to their new home and erase memories of loneliness from the life they wish to have.

Oliver, the then-pregnant mother through his trimesters was mostly found sick and was always admitted to one hospital to hospital until she finally gave birth.

Unfortunately, doctors became shocked, families became worried, and friends were empty of words as they saw the condition with which the newborn baby came from the womb.

Emmanuel, the father of the 2-year-old baby who is born with a weird skin condition that causes the little boy too much pain and discomfort making him cry throughout the night.

“Many people said a whole lot of things about my daughter, they said it was a poison, a spirit, a curse beyond resolution among other….” – poor mother Oliver said to Afrimax Tv in an interview.

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