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Meet The Only Animal In The World That Has A Bulletproof Body And Nothing Can Penetrate Its Body

A Mexican man has been going viral in the internet after he went on to shoot an innocent Armadillo, only for the bullets to ricochet back to him. He was left in a very serious condition and now those who witnessed the event are saying that armadillos are bulletproofed.

It is true that when you shoot at these creatures the bullets will ricochet back but that doesn’t mean they are bulletproofed.

To be scientifically accurate, this would have to be done on a number of armadillo armor specimens, probably a minimum of 10 (but much higher numbers would be best). I would expect some of the armors to allow bullets to pass through, some to partially protect the creature, and some to do a good job of preventing bullet penetration.

Armadillos are the only nonhuman animals to spread leprosy, now called Hansen’s Disease. The bacteria that causes the disease thrives due to the armadillo’s low body temperature. 

Armadillos are good swimmers and can hold their breath for 4-6 minutes.15 They walk underwater across the bottom of streams. When facing larger bodies of water, they gulp air to create buoyancy and then dog paddle. This ability to swim allowed them to expand their range.

Armadillos are not dangerous animals and killing them is not a necessary thing. They pose no real threat to humans or animals. This is why live trapping would be the best option.

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