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I reported case of ‘missing’ Twene Jonas to US police, FBI’ – Hopeson Adorye.

Hopeson Adorye, a member of the New Patriotic Party, has disclosed why he reported government critic, Twene Jonas, to authorities in the United States.

Adorye, who had earlier last month authored a viral video alleging that Twene Jonas had lost his job and had been sacked from his place of residence said, he acted when accusations started on social media that he had a hand in Jonas’ disappearance after he published the video.

In an interview with Accra-based Okay FM, Adorye said the need to clear his name formally in the issue motivated him to lodge multiple reports of Jonas having gone missing.

“I drew the attention of the US Police, the FBI, the Secret Service and US Immigration to the fact that there is a claim of a missing person and I have been accused so I wanted them to institute a full probe. So I submitted his social media handles and I have since gotten some private messages to that effect.

He continued: “If someone can go and hide himself and others will be blamed, then I also reserve the right to defend myself and clear my name.”

Over a week after his eerie absence on social media, Jonas posted on Twitter that he was busy with his music career, the reason for which he was absent from social media platforms.

“I’ve been busy lately putting Ghana and American music into international platforms. We will bring awards home soon! Share with 100 people if you are a proud Ghanaian! I will bring Warm Up later. Glass Nkoaa. The system is working 24/7” his post read.

It was accompanied by a short video clip of his music and a YouTube link for the full video.

Adorye confirmed he was part of a government delegation to the US and had taken his free time to go and see where Twene Jonas famously did his Facebook LIVE sessions from.

He attracted stern criticism by people who said he had been purposefully flown to New York to pursue Jonas.

Adorye’s colleague on the Fixing the Country Movement, Ernest Owusu Bempah, described the criticism as unfounded and useless because Twene Jonas was a ‘small fry’ in the general scheme of things.

Twene Jonas is a Ghanaian based in the US and is known for criticising the policies of the current government which he claims are not favourable to citizens. He has on several occasions called out the president and his appointees for failing to develop the country.

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