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Kuami Eugene Gives Brilliant Response to Captain Smart on His View on The Anti-LGBTQI Bill

Popular Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene was on Onua TV’s morning show Onua Maakye today, Friday 15th October, 2021 for an interview with Captain Smart. Captain Smart asked him questions his music career and his success story so far, concluding it with his view on the LGBTQI debate going on in Ghana at the moment.

Captain Smart asked Kuami Eugene to tell him what he thinks about LGBTQI in Ghana, whether it should be legalized or there should be a law to fight against such act in Ghana.

Kuami Eugene brilliantly answered Captain Smart and said; For him he thinks there are other issues we can tackle first other than this. Kuami Eugene thinks whether LGBTQI should be legalized or not is not really necessary for Ghanaians to be talking about right now. There are important needs for us to attend to but it seems this LGBTQI thing is taking our minds off these pressing issues.

According to Eugene he has been asked this question in several interviews and he always give this answer. He said after we have addressed those issues that are making lives unfavourable for us in Ghana, they can then come and ask him this question. But he encourages the youth out there to live a life that is not against our good moral values and culture.

Captain Smart even though Kuami Eugene didn’t give him a direct response, said Kuami Eugene has given a very brilliant response and he can deduce from what he said that he doesn’t approve of gayism and lesbianism in Ghana.

Anyone caught doing such will be punished severely, so we should desist from that as good Ghanaians.

What are your thoughts on Kuami Eugene’s response on LGBTQI in Ghana.

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