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EXCLUSIVE: How Shatta Wale criedpp uncontrollably, begged to be kept at counterback but was locked up

Self-acclaimed Ghanaian Dancehall King Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah Mensah shed tears uncontrollably after it became clear to him that he will not be sitting at the counterback as he had thought but rather in cells holding after turning himself to the police over his gunshot stunt story.

Shatta Wale thought while his two earlier arrested accomplices were being held in cells, he would be allowed to sit at counterback after allegedly pulling off a publicity stunt ahead of his GOG Album.

The musician who has gained notoriety in putting up such stunts each time he is about to release an album just to give it a hype, had the reality dawned on him that he had bitten more than he could chew this time around.

His demeanor behind counter-back even before he was pushed into the cell, revealed he regretted his actions but Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo-Dampare would not take any excuses as he is bent on ensuring the ‘gangster’ life of the musician is brought to an end.

While pleading to be kept at the counter back for police investigators to continue with their work into the fake story cooked by Shatta Wale and his ‘Chefs’, police personnel insisted he joined his colleague suspects in the main.

It was at this point the loudmouth musician realized that he had indeed cracked an expensive joke that may consume his career for good if not handled tactically and started to weep.

A source at the station revealed that Shatta Wale suddenly became calm with tears trickling down his cheeks as he was shepherd into the cell awaiting his fate this morning October 20, 2021.

Meanwhile, a statement put up by the police on Tuesday night said “After we publicly declared him and one other person wanted, the suspect, Shatta Wale, turned himself in today Tuesday 19th October 2021, at 8.59 pm.

He has been arrested to assist the Police in investigations for his alleged involvement in the creation and circulation of information intended to cause fear and panic.

As stated in previous statements, the public is advised to desist from publishing false information, capable of disturbing the peace of the country or risk being arrested and prosecuted”

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