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You Don’t Support Local Businesses With Loans, Yet You Want Us To Go Into Entrepreneurship, With What Money? – Ghanaians Bash Government

Few days ago, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta advised Ghanaians to go into entrepreneurship because the Government pay roll is full.
According to him, the Government doesn’t have enough resources to employ more people and as such, it will be better if people start their own businesses.
Reacting to this unfortunate news, a section of Ghanaians who were appalled by the Government called them out for deceiving them.

They wondered how the government expects them to start their own businesses when the government has not made available any form of financial aids like loans etc.

Some have called the Government a big fat liar for deceiving them during their campaign season.

” You promised us jobs, you promised us a better future, how can we go to school for four years, graduate with no money, or funds and expect us to start our own business? Do you want us to rob a Bank to start a business? ” some people quizzed.

Well, we just hope that the Government will change it’s mind regarding their decision or at least provide a better way out for the thousands of unemployed Youths in Ghana.

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