Dear Garri, I have always wanted to write this to you because you’ve been there for me when others left, so I decided to eulogize and define you in a special way.
G = Giver of Energy.
A = Attitude changer (from bad mood to good mood )
R = Reducer of weakness in the muscles and joints
I = Increaser of agility

Some friends have described you in many ways like

  • STUDENTS power
  • Life support.
  • The last hope of the common man
  • Weakness extinguisher

You are the first son of cassava

  • The sibling of Akpu (fufu or loi loi)
  • The father of Eba
  • The cousin to Tapioca…
    My Love for you is indescribable,.
    CORN flakes came, but he left me.
    Golden morn also came but left me too.
    But you came and stood by me

Oh dear old Garri, you are a loyal friend to the Rich, and Bestie to the Poor.
You’re always compatible with everything. I enjoy taking you with

  • Groundnuts
  • Fish
  • Kulikuli ( child to groundnut )
  • Beans.
  • Moi-Moi ( child to beans)
    *Akara (sibling to moi-moi)
    You work hand in hand with your associates like
  • Sugar, Milk, Coconut, Soya milk etc
    Beloved Garri, I will never leave you or abandon you, for your taste is more than a thousand corn flakes..
    Happy New Mouth Fam

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