Meet Beatz Vampire, the producer behind popular ‘What Shawa Say’ beat

A lot of people are jamming to the beat made from Cecilia Marfo’s ‘What Shawa Say’ gaffe but little or nothing is known about who produced it.

Twenty-four-year-old music producer, Beatz Vampire, born Asare Badiako Peter is the brain behind that groovy work.

Beatz Vampire, the CEO of Loop Music Empire to Ghana Weekend in an exclusive interview that he started music production two years ago.

He has produced songs such as ‘1Don’, ‘Hajia Bintu’ and ‘Choppings’ for Shatta Wale.

He is also responsible for Mr Drew’s ‘Mood’, ‘Pains’ and 5 other songs on his ‘Alpha’ album.

For Stonebwoy, he worked on his ‘One People’, and is currently producing four songs on his upcoming album.

Beatz Vampire has also made beats for Victor AD, Lasmid, with other productions for Kelvyn Boy, Quamina MP and Wendy Shay in the offing.

See how Beatz Vampire turned Cecilia Marfo’s ‘What Shawa Say’ into beautiful music.#GhanaWeekend

— Ghana Weekend (@GhanaWeekend) November 12, 2021

Top 5 Most Expensive and Extravagant Weddings That Happened In Ghana – Videos

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and countries etc.

While some couples decided to be modest with their ceremony and forgo the pageantry, others take delight in the glam and go the extra mile to make their union the talk of town for weeks.

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On an average, a wedding ceremony which comprises of traditional, white wedding and thanksgiving takes at least a day and at most two days (mostly done on weekends) in Ghana but these extremists have altered the time table with some going as far as 4 days.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has complied some of the extravagant wedding ceremonies that the country has witnessed in the last couple of years.

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These weddings are not the ordinary ceremonies you witness. They have horses, exotic vehicles, huge cakes and out of the world decorations with budgets running into billions of cedis.

Below is the list, grab some pop corn and enjoy the videos that comes with it.

  1. The Royal Wedding: Berima Weds Anita

A wedding which took over a year to organize and plan and four days to stage deserves to be number one on our list.

The holy matrimony between Barima, CEO of Adinkra Pie and the daughter of the owner of Anita Hotel, Anita Sefa Boakye was the standard definition of extravagance and more.

It was obvious that Indeed the CEO of Adinkra pie, Barima Osei Mensah and his wife, Anita Sefa Boakye planned to to impress Ghanaians with their opulent display of wealth! 

Would you believe if i tell you a million dollar mansion was built from foundation just for this wedding? The entire ceremony was crowned with a plush, invite only, pool party at the poolside of the mansion i’m talking about.

Anita dazzled many attires and even put on a piece of earring estimated to cost a whopping $6500 (39,747.50 Ghanaian Cedi). Who wears the 6 years salary of an average Ghanaian on her ears just for a wedding? Anita does and it was gorgeous.

Watch some shots from the ceremony below.

  1. Kency2020: Kennedy Osei Despite Weds Tracey

These two brought the pressure to town. It was Kennedy, the son of Ghanaian millionaire Despite and Tracey who showed the Royal Wedding planners how to go extreme with your wedding planning in Ghana.

Celebrities? check, exotic cars? check, what about money to spray around for no reason? It rained dollar bills at the ceremony.

Kency 2020 brought so much pressure on Ghanaian celebrities that they were afraid to marry after that wedding because they will be compared and ridiculed.

Kency was leading the pack till Barima and Anita took over so lets give them the second position, cool? The couple now have a beautiful set of twins and their naming and outdooring too came with some display. Watch some videos below.

  1. Ciri2020: Cindy Sarpong and Richard Peprah

The rich family of Osei Kwame Despite had a great year in 2020 as two of their kids married.

Cindy Ofori Sarpong, the daughter of Ghanaian business mogul Dr. Sarpong and her sweetheart Richard Peprah had their dream wedding.

The wedding was almost like that of Kency but they toned down on the horses and exotic cars. Yet still it was an eye popping event.

  1. Millionaire Kwesi Dadzie And His Young Wife Portia

Ghanaian business man Kwasi Dadzi, who likes to keep his wealth low key, decided to make the loudest noise and chose the glorious day of his wedding to do just that.

His wedding was not advertised much on social media but footages from the event had many saying he was challenging the Despite family to a battle of riches after he showed a fleet of exotic and expensive cars at his wedding.

The display of wealth, class, style and power was abound in the videos we saw on social media. Among the fleet of cars which were spotted at the wedding includes a Range Rover, Jeep Wrangler, Rolls Royce, just to mention a few.

Millionaire Kwasi Dadzi intentionally had a convoy of Rolls Royce only for his wedding, how cool is that?

5.#Hendee19: Henry and Dela

Not much is known about Henry and Dela but after the display Despite and his family put up at Kency2020, a blogger came out with videos and images to suggest that this two was an event with a huge budget and deserved to be talked about so we want to give them the fifth and final position on our list.

So there you have it, 5 of the most extravagant wedding ceremonies to ever happen in Ghana with budgets running into millions of Ghana cedis. More to come so we’ll update our list very soon.

NHIA staff to strike over non-payment of salary arrears, discrimination and more

The Professionals and Allied Workers Union (PAWU) of the National Health Insurance Authority(NHIA) has warned the management of the nation’s health insurance scheme to take immediate action and address all outstanding issues of concern of the over 3,000 staff of the Authority across the country else it will declare a nationwide strike.
A strong-worded letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Health Insurance Authority dated 8th November 2021, raised a number of issues which if not addressed immediately would result in a strike and laying down of tools.

The issues include the non-payment of staff salary arrears, long-standing discrimination in the implementation of staff benefits, refusal of management to implement staff notch movements, unlawful interdiction of staff, no medical support for ailing staff amongst others.

“We urge NHIA to speedily take appropriate measures to avert a looming industrial upheaval” the letter stated.

The letter, signed by the acting General Secretary of PAWU, Mr. Seth Abloso, said the situation risks affecting the impending commemoration of the NHIA because the staff are demoralized and demotivated. The letter stated that the Union shares in the frustration of staff of the undue delay which fuels the perception that the management and the Board of the NHIA are not responsive to the plight of staff.

Non-payment of salary arrears
The letter said, “Staff salary arrears from January to June 2020 continue to be outstanding despite repeated requests for the Authority to fulfill its obligations.” In 2020, the management of the NHIA after a negotiation with the Union approved a salary increment of 10%. Management has failed to implement this increment and has not met its part of the agreement. The union has been persisted in their request which has fallen on deaf ears. Staff of the NHIA across the country is speedily losing their patients as management has blatantly refused to pay the staff the arrears of 2020.

PAWU stated strongly in the letter that “Staff notch movements which should have been implemented in January 2021 has to date not been effected”. Management has also failed to implement the 3% salary notch movement for staff which was approved in 2018. Sadly, management has taken a posture of communicating to staff and derelicting on their duty.

Collective Agreement
The letter which is requesting for an urgent standing negotiating committee meeting said the staff Collective Agreement (CA) has not been reviewed for about four years and proposals submitted by the Union have not been responded to by management. Meanwhile, the CA is due to expire on 31st December 2021

The statement said in spite of the discriminatory behaviors by management, the entire membership of PAWU had exercised patience. It stated that although complaints of long-standing discrimination in the implementation of some benefits to staff have been acknowledged by management, the urgency required to address such grievous abuse has not been made manifest and the same discrimination persists unabated.

The statements noted that there are grievance issues of unlawful interdiction which require review and resolution

Find attached PAWU’s letter of 8th November 2021

PAWU-NEW Download

Dutch Students Built The World’s First Solar-Powered Camper Van

Via: Flickr
The automobile industry continues to warm up to the electric and solar-powered car segments. Until a few decades ago, this is something we probably never thought would make it into the real world. From 1955, solar-powered cars had made a huge mark in the industry, and bythe late 20th century, they were set to become the next big thing.

Companies such as Atlis Motor Vehicles and Aptera Motors, among other well-established brands, are making battery-powered vehicles integrated with sophisticated solar panels but with the capabilities of an ordinary gas-powered car, if not more. As far as we know, solar-powered cars have a lot of potential, and may soon dominate the industry with their use of renewable and inexpensive energy.

Students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have designed and built a solar-powered camper van. This 22-student invention has the interior of a motorhome and a driving range of more than 430 miles. The Stella Vita – as the students call it – has already earned itself the insignia as the world’s first solar-powered camper van. The model gets its energy from large solar panels, which have been integrated into the lifting roof. The inside looks like a pimped-up version of a full-size RV, with enough room to sleep, cook, and work.

On September 19, the camper van was driven on a 1,242-mile trip from Eindhoven University to the southern tip of Spain at a town called Tarifa. The Stella Vita camper van completed the journey without stopping to charge.

The Stella Vita Camper Van has a 450+ mile driving range and comes with 57.4 square meters of solar panels. Here’s all you should know about the world’s first solar-powered camper van.

The Stella Vita Has An Eye-Catching Appearance
Via: Solar Team Eindhoven
The Camper Van is all kinds of beautiful. Its front features a wide windshield that extends to become part of the roof. Its futuristic headlights also move to its sides. The van hangs low and has large wheels. The rear of the camper van has passenger-side suicide doors that can open to about 90 degrees for maximum access.

The most interesting part of the van is the roof, which is can be protracted up to provide more room in the cabin. The roof has been fitted with two other solar panels that are only accessible when it’s extended. Its main solar panel occupies a surface area of 17.5 square meters. Once extruded, the side solar panels can be folded out to provide a surface area of about 57.4 square meters worth of solar panel surface that traps in a great deal of energy.

The Ultimate Toys Camper Has Everything You Need
The Stella Vita Is Self Sufficient
Via: Solar Team Eindhoven
The Stella Vita has a massive interior that’s big enough to house two adult passengers. The space has everything you would need in a practical camper vehicle: a shower, a double bed, a bathroom, sofa, sink, toilet, and a kitchen area.

Alpha Wolf Plus Pickup Shows Off Radical Tent And Solar Panels
The Camper Van Has A Long Driving Range
Electric cars, which have been in production since the late 1800s, and solar-powered cars have one important element in common: They both run on rechargeable batteries. The obvious difference is in the way they receive their energy.

The Stella Vita’s massive solar panels charge a 60-kWh battery pack. According to, it can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days for the camper van to achieve a full charge. While it’s typical for solar-powered cars to keep going – since they receive continuous energy – but it’s better to take the Stella Vita on trips that will consist of scheduled stops, allowing the solar panels to add more power to the battery pack.

According to the Solar Team Eindhoven team, the solar setup on the Stella Vita can make enough kilowatts to drive you as far as 453 miles on a normal sunny day. The driving range is also heavily dependent on the appliance usage. The team says the van is capable of producing 60-70% of the energy on a cloudy day. Thanks to the massive power storage, you should be able to drive the camper van during evening hours and in the absence of direct sunlight.

Here’s What You Should Know About Tesla’s Solar Roof
The Future Of Solar-Powered Vehicle Technology
Via: Skynews
With its capabilities, there’s a possibility that the Stella Vita may become a mass-produced camper van. Currently, there are many other solar-powered cars in the market. Hyundai recently made a hybrid version of the Sonata, which comes with an integrated solar system that can charge 30-60% of the battery pack in a single day.

And with many others on the horizon, there is so much to look forward to. The market is will soon welcome a three-wheeled solar vehicle created by Aptera Motors. We’re also looking forward to the Lightyear One – a model that will be launched in the Netherlands later this year.

Just In: About 3000 Churches To Be Closed Down In Ghana

Just In: About 3000 Churches To Be Closed Down In Ghana

Just In: About 3,000 Churches To Be Closed Down In Ghana

Ghana can boast of over ten thousand (10,000) churches across the country and most of these churches are not registered. 

About 3,000 Churches face likely closure in the coming months as Registrar General Threatens to strike them off the register of companies.

According to the Registrar General, Mrs. Jemima Mamaa Oware, these Churches have failed to file their annual returns.

She warns: “When we strike you off the register, it will take the discretion of the court to get you back on the register and then after 12 years, the name falls into the public domain and anybody at all can use it.”

“You are supposed to file annual returns after 18 months of incorporation and then yearly thereafter. I have to inform you that most churches are not doing that and I have on my register over 3,000 churches that I am going to strike off the register,” she explained.