The story of Anthony Lefredo, the man who transformed himself into a Black Alien

Body modifications have been around since the beginning of time and some of us have modified our bodies in one way or another. However, there is a man whose aim in life is to transform himself to look like an alien. This is the story of Anthony Lefredo also known as the ‘Black Alien Project.’
From an early age, Anthony was fascinated with mutations and transforming of the body. It all clicked in one day when he was working as a security guard. He realized he wasn’t living life the way he wanted, so he decided to stop everything. At the age of 24, he quit his job, packed his bags and traveled to Australia.

It’s still unclear what happened during his time as a security officer that triggered his decision to quit. As soon as he traveled back to Europe, his project went into full gear. Anthony blacked out the majority of his body with ink. He took it a step further and blacked out his face and head as well.

His goal is to push all the boundaries by doing permanent procedures that are irreversible. He ended up tattooing his eyeballs, split his tongue and tattooed it green. He then proceeded to surgically remove his ears.

He also got dermal implants in his head, cheeks and eyebrows. If you thought that was extreme, think again because this was just the beginning. Black Alien admitted that his obsession has taken over his life, describing his flesh as being under construction. His most extreme modification couldn’t even be done in his country because it was illegal. Instead, he had to travel to Spain to have his nose removed.

As if removing a part of his nose wasn’t enough, he also removed his top lip. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself: “How is this guy doing all of these things knowing how dangerous the procedures are?” Surely, there are some repercussions. Black Alien said that ever since he removed the top of his lip, he has had trouble speaking. But his speaking troubles don’t seem to affect him or make him want to stop his project.

He said that he loves getting into the shoes of a scary character. He often settles down somewhere and play scary a role. Despite all of that, he said he’s proud of his look and his philosophy is that everyone has their own freedom. “Mine is to have no limits in the mutation of my body,” he said.

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Taking one glance at him, you might assume he has achieved the look he has always wanted, but that is simply the opposite because according to him, he’s only 27 percent complete. Black Alien documents his entire journey on Instagram, keeping his fans updated with his progress.

The most shocking project he has lined up in 2021 is the removal of half of his hand. He is pretty much handicapping himself, isn’t it? There are people in the world that have missing limbs and would give anything to have a full capable body, but not him.

Adding to his future plans, he also wants to modify his arms, legs and the back of his head in some sort of way and the absolute cherry on top is wanting to remove his skin and replace it with metal. I don’t even know if that is possible and if it is, who would even have the knowledge and experience to pull off an operation like that.

You might think that looking like that will hinder his love life, but according to him, he has no problem attracting women and judging by the comments on his Instagram, he has some really strong supporters that are encouraging him to continue this project. It’s very clear to everyone just how much Black Alien is willing to push the envelope to achieve the look he has envisioned and you can’t help but wonder, what he’s going to end up looking like at 100 percent?

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