Nana Essuman Koranteng V crowned chief in Ajumako-Bisease

Nana Essuman Koranteng V, Nyimfahene of Ajumako-Bisease.

Ajumako-Bisease in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region witnessed history on Tuesday, December 28, when Nana Essuman Koranteng V was enstooled as a chief.

Nana Essuman Koranteng V, known in private life as Nana Ewusie Mensah was crowned as the Nyimfahene to the Odikro of Ajumako-Bisease and the Adontenhen of Ajumako Traditional Area, Nana Damfo Baah VII.

Amidst cheers and jubilation from the people, Nana Essuman Koranteng V was given a rousing welcome to the throne.

“I, Nana Essuman V, today swear before you, Nana Damfo Baah VII, the Adontenhen of Ajumako Traditional Area, that, with the exception of being sick or dead, I take responsibility for my refusal to honour your invitation”, he said this three times.

At a colourful event in Ajumako-Bisease, Nana Essuman Koranteng V, with the assistance of Nana Nyamfo Botwey X, the Obaatan of the town, he swore allegiance to Nana Damfo Baah VII. This was to accomplish customs and traditions of the people.