See Why Some Hotels Put Paracetamol In Food While Cooking. Don’t Ignore.

Paracetamol is a very famous drug that is taken to relieve pain and reduce fever in the human body.

It is given to patients by medics to treat many conditions like colds, muscle aches, headaches and backache.

Nowadays, a number of hotels in the world put paracetamol in the food that they cook.

The owners of these hotels give reasons that paracetamol makes the meat and beans softer.

They know that people love and prefer soft meat and that there are also other people who have teeth problems who like soft meat.

The owners of these hotels again say that paracetamol in food while cooking decreases the duration of cooking and this saves them a lot of fuel.

Hotels prefer the use of paracetamol to soften meat because of the fact that it is far much affordable.

What these people do not know is that when paracetamol is cooked, it loses its properties to relieve pain and becomes highly acidic and dangerous in the human body.

Despite several warnings by health experts, some hotels are still using paracetamol in food.

Health experts have warned that paracetamol can cause liver and kidney failure.

They have been warned several times that the drug changes in very high temperatures.

It changes from being paracetamol to benzoquin and paraminophino. Benzoquin and paraminophino destroys the kidney of consumers.

They have therefore advised hotels to soak the meat in salted water for about 30 minutes if they want the meat to be softer.

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