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These High Paying US Warehouse Jobs Are Now Hiring Internationally

With a growing economy and emphasis shifting to online shopping, warehouse jobs in America are currently in high demand. As the population continues to rapidly age and babyboomers enter into retirement, US companies are looking abroad for workers to fill demand.1 Get started immediately.Related Topics (Ads):1warehouse jobs in america2usa warehouse jobs for foreigners3usa amazon warehouse jobs4warehouse jobs in usa

Whilst some warehouse positions are entry level and require little experience there are also higher level management positions on offer. To help land your perfect high paying warehouse job in America we will breakdown the basics of employment.

warehouse jobs in america

The Basics Of Warehouse Jobs

If you’re considering a warehouse job you might be interested in knowing what a day to day role will be like. We talked to warehouse hiring managers to find out what you really need to know about opportunities in the field. Entry level roles are easier to obtain but still having a basic skillset will help you stand out to recruiters.

Independence: Being able to complete tasks and take initiative and operate on your own is an added bonus. If you’re someone that can take on a job role and complete tasks without asking too many questions or being too social with other employees you will stand out.

Reliability: Are your reliable and punctual to be on time for your employment duties? Considering your specific tasks will be a vital cog in the warehouse function its important that you show up to your job on time and ready to work.

Dedication: Having strong work ethic and a desire to want to earn a good income is important. Many people in America have become lazy and neglect the gratitude towards earning a good income.Related Topics (Ads):1warehouse jobs for international students in usa2usa amazon warehouse jobs3warehouse jobs in america4warehouse jobs in usa

Promotions Don’t Take Years

The best thing about warehouse jobs is promotions from basic roles to more senior management roles does not take years. In fact some overseas workers have been hired as entry level workers and shown such enthusiastic work ethic they have been promoted to warehouse associates and a much larger paycheck. Hiring managers want people who will stick around for the job so if you demonstrate the skills and desire to learn you can be quickly promoted up the employment rankings.

Warehouse Jobs Lead To Bigger Careers

Some entry level roles in warehouse jobs like order selectors and repackers are fantastic stepping stones to learn how factories work. Understanding the way the business works from the inside out can lead you into different careers. Supervisor roles, foreman or even inventory control watch are higher paying jobs available in due time.

Top Paying Warehouse Jobs In America

Production Worker

These specific warehouse workers operate and maintain factory equipment and maintain warehouse procedures. Such tasks include conveyor lines and assisting and preparing materials for warehouse distribution. They can assemble and check for the right parts and make sure everything is operating at an efficient and safe procedure. They help to maintain the warehouses efficiency and average rates are $12-14/hour

Inspectors and Packers

This role will have duties like marking and labelling products. Other tasks include measuring and weighing materials and examining all warehouse storage containers and packaging processes are up to the companies standards. This role can earn $12-14/hour and is a popular choice in Honda, Sonoco and Amazon warehouses.

Forklift Operators

If you have skills or qualifications in using a forklift you can stand out to recruiters. Picking a product, using a RF scanner and driving a forklift is a task many warehouse jobs are hiring for in all states across America. Experienced forklift drivers can often walk into roles that pay $18-20.50+ per hour!Related Topics (Ads):1usa warehouse jobs for foreigners2warehouse jobs in america3usa ups warehouse jobs4warehouse jobs for international students in usa

Truck Loaders

Truck loaders work as part of the shipping and receiving team in the warehouse helping to move arriving shipments and also packing products for shipments out of the warehouse. Such tasks will include unloading materials into trucks, shipping containers, ship cargo and trains. This task also includes the bonus of confirming and recording items that have arrived making sure there is no items missing from shipments. A well trained truck loader can earn $13-16/hour.

Quality Assurance Manager

Once an employee has trained in entry level roles in a warehouse such jobs like quality assurance manager can be promoted. This role can earn individuals up to $75,000 per annum and such tasks include checking to ensure no damaged or defecting shipments arrive or leave the warehouse. They enforce compliance measures, conduct health and safety reports and monitor day to day procedures in the warehouse.

Amazon Is Popular For Warehouse Employees

The giant tech company operates 75 huge fulfilment centres in North America and has a whopping 125,000 staff. Typically each warehouse employs 1500 full time staff and associates. Amazon warehouse employees are typically assigned the roles of either being a picker or a packer. Pickers pull products off the shelves and place them on conveyor belts, while packers will package products then label them, and send them down conveyor belts to be taken to delivery drivers. Award rates of minimum $15/hour are offered at Amazon Fulfilment Hubs.

Getting A Visa For Working In America?

To receive a work visa for the USA you will first require a job offer from an employer in the USA. Without a job offer and an employer to sponsor you, you can’t apply for the visa.

Ready To Get A Warehouse Job In America?

If you think you have the right skillset and ability to work in a warehouse environment there are employment opportunities ready. Experienced forklift operators or production line employees may stand out for recruiters. Its important to understand filling out applications completely will help to stand out in the eyes of recruitment officers and help to land the highest paying roles. If you want to see what is available now a simple online search can show different warehouse jobs now.

Find Warehousing Jobs in the USA


1. https://www.brookings.edu/research/immigrant-workers-in-the-u-s-labor-force/

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Russia’s terrifying ‘war toys’ exposed: Putin about to unleash devastating ‘flying AK-47s’

The high-tech weaponry also includes robot tanks, hypersonic missiles and highly training special forces. It comes as elite paratroopers were seen being moved close to the border amid fears of a military operation to occupy Kyiv.

Russia’s X-winged Lancet drones – dubbed “Flying Kalashnikovs” – could be deployed to down unmanned warplanes.

An airborne minefield of the kamikaze weapons would be programmed to loiter above a battlefield and attack surveillance crafts.

It could pave the way for the first drone dogfights seen in modern warfare, while Britain and the US will be wary of the drones targeting their naval vessels.

A train with the Russian crack troops and their equipment was spotted moving west through the Bryansk region, which borders both Ukraine and Belarus, towards the potential war zone.

Nearly 130,000 military personnel have already been dispatched by the Kremlin to the north and east of their former Soviet allies.

Boris Johnson has warned Mr Putin any such invasion will be met with fierce guerrilla warfare, while Nato is holding jets on standby and US President Joe Biden is mulling over sending 50,000 troops of his own.

As such, former KGB agent Mr Putin may decide to deploy some unconventional weaponry in an effort to gain the upper hand.

Russian scientists claim to have created the world’s first autonomous driverless robot tanks – armed with sensors, rockets, machine guns and flamethrowers – which could wipe out enemy trench positions.

Kremlin defence officials claim after successful testing in Syria the Uran-9 strike robots are now already operational.

They are understood to be able to act independently, as well as in groups using AI and remote control.

Biden warns Putin’s war push would be ‘biggest invasion since WW2’
Mr Putin also has the option of a lightweight tank that can be parachuted onto land or into water.

The 18-ton Sprut-SDM1 war machines can hit targets from three miles away while being navigated at sea.

It has successfully passed tests after proving it can fire its anti-tank gun while being bashed about in 4ft waves.

The self-firing AI Kalashnikov rifle “with its own brain” is still at the prototype stage and appeared recently at an arms show.

It can identify targets and pull the trigger without the need for a human shooter.

Chief designer Sergey Urzhumtsev said the future Russian soldier will only need to “give permission” to their weapons to find and kill enemies.

In the battle of the skies and un-manned drones, Russia also has the S-70 Okhotnik – or Hunter – a stealth drone that boasts a flat and tail-less airframe, making it invisible to radar.

It is said to be able to fly from Moscow to London and back on a single mission – and would support Su-57 fighter pilots in packs of up to four.

The drones have missiles, spying radar and reconnaissance equipment.

Russia has vehemently denied that it will invade Ukraine.

Sources from within Ukraine have also stated they do not believe an invasion is imminent.

One academic believes that the strategy of putting Russian troops on the border of Ukraine is a diversion tactic, moving attention away from a “hybrid war” being conducted by the Kremlin.


“I am aware that am a mortal, I am not perfect. History will judge me one day, but until then all I ask for is your support.

I did not choose this path on my own. She imposed herself on me. God alone knows what He’s doing.

I will strive to get to the end, but if I die before reaching our goal, do continue the project without me and lay the groundwork for change with my blood and my flesh.No sacrifice is so much for this country.

I am not Thomas Sankara, nor Jerry Rawlings. I am Assimi Goïta. Remember me as a reformer not a revolutionary. Remember me as the bearer of hope to the people, the one who came when your blood was shed for your desire for change.
I will go to the end of my mission. I will never betray your trust.

Death doesn’t scare me, I saw it every day on the battlefield, it’s failure that scares me.

If death marries me on the way to our target, do not mourn me. Don’t make my grave a sanctuary. I did what I thought was right for my country. I did it for me but I did it for you too.

I am Assimi, the man who smiles every day with death.”