I just finished reading through….

Please Natives, humbly, I am not waking up the sleeping dog to bark back but just expressing my discomfort about what happened on the platform.

Firstly, I condemn some of the comments posted on the platform outrightly for uncertain and unfortunate choice of words used, on behalf of all, i send our unqualified apology to noble members.

Honestly, am extremely in shock still why my able Majesty @⁨OKATAKYI DAMFO BAAH VII⁩ couldn’t condemn the act of the Honorable member, Mad. Evelyn on her post, if that condemnation was done quickly, i dont believe the eyebrow wouldn’t have been raised to that extent for the honorable member to take such a french leave from the platform.

Nana couldn’t rise swiftly to condemn the act of her post which was political in my view and that generated into such heated arguments because there have been so many times, Nana quickly jump to condemn and instructed for immediate removal or deletion of any post that is associated with politics because of what politics has done to our town, to that extent, some have even faced eviction on the page, so my harmless question to my majesty is, why some are immediately cautioned but Hon. Evelyn was absolutely different, ”Just go by the ethics.we shall do the needful please”, and up to date, Nana haven’t even yawn 🥱 about it.

Though am still disappointed, i still believe in him to do the ”needful” as we patiently wait for the ”needful” message from our majesty, ”what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

We must all remain humble and most patient without any retaliation please.

No bad energy.
Have an ecstasy Sunday.

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