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TitaCris had Survived Stage 4 Breast Cancer, she was in Full Recovery in 2016. The Healing Process Continues and it was very Successful.

NOW, she become a Member of AIM GLOBAL on the Purpose of Helping other Breast Cancer Victims and Fight for that. After that Recovery last 2016 it was an Amazing Result of C2/47.

KILL that CANCER now! before it Kills YOU… Try Our Best Product #C24/7, AFRICAN called it “Miracle & Wonder Drugs”.
A True Healing Testimony First, Give Thanks to “GOD” the ALMIGHTY.🙏

Another #C24/7 #Testimony from ..Tita Criselda Guzman
She is Suffering from a #Stage_4_BREAST_CANCER Way back in 2015. She’s in Critical Condition (50-50) As In…50 Chance to Live & 50 Chance to Die at the Hospital.. Then that Time, there is One AIM GLOBAL Member that Offered a Help. She Said; she is Dying but still I’m hoping for a Miracle to happen, she offered this C24/7 to Try.

She Gave the Dosage 3-3-3 meaning 9 Capsules a Day. At the start, she feels Hopeless because she has 50-50 Chance. But after 3 Days of Continuously giving the same Dosage, there is a little bit Progress. That even the Doctor was Surprised!! So they continue giving this Wonder Drugs C24/7.
Few Months Passed by! Everybody was all Amazed of this Great Result.

Until Now She’s continuously Taking the C2/47 as Prevention and Her Hair starts Growing, getting Longer and Completely become Free from Cancer!
Thanks GOD🙏
She’s very Strong and Do Exercise Everyday😊 BIG Thanks to AIM Global Amazing Products C24/7…
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Pm for orders +639511999299

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