Kennedy Agyapong exposes Bishop Agyin Asare big time; Reveals he was notorious weed smoker infront of his congregation – Video

Kennedy Agyapong - Dr Agyin Asare

Kennedy Agyapong who is known to be very plain spoken made this very embarrassing & awkward disclosure while speaking to Agyin Asare’s congregation after a harvest.

As disclosed by Kennedy Agyapong, his wife who is Agyin Asare’s church member once gossiped to him that her pastor was a notorious weed smoker before giving his life to Christ.

Kennedy Agyapong went on to add that, his wife had warmed him never to tell anyone about the secret past of Agyin Asare but his diarrhea mouth won’t permit him to keep such information to himself alone.

He hilariously remarked that during Agyin Asare’s youthful years, not even Bob Marly could out class him in a weed smoking competition.

After Kennedy Agyapong dropped the bombshell, all the people who were present burst into severe laughter.

Watch the video below to know more