Watch the live stream of the late W/Bro Joseph Mac Forson The Member Of Masha Lodge (PRGK)

Watch the live stream of the late W/Bro  Joseph Mac Forson The Member Of Masha Lodge (PRGK)

The man who is very rich man at Ajumako Bisease in the central region Ghana take time and watch the full video and pictures below 👇👇👇

Serwaa Broni Will be Arrested in Canada For Blackmailing President Akufo-Addo – Hopeson Adorye

Former Deputy National Security Coordinator in Charge of Airports, Hopeson Adorye, has disclosed that the Government of Ghana will soon lodge an official complaint against Serwaa Broni in Canada.

Her charge, according to him, will be blackmailing the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo , and also spreading false information about the first man of the land.
Speaking for the first time about the supposed sexual relationship between Serwaa Broni and President Akufo-Addo, the NPP stalwart in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii has disclosed the government’s readiness to pursue the issue.

According to Mr Adorye, there is no sexual relationship between the president and Serwaa Broni, who, he said only got the opportunity to meet the president in Canada through him.

“The picture of that young lady in yellow dress sitting beside the president was taken in Canada. I took that particular picture. That was the first time, the lady met the president face to face.”

“She is the one who drives us around when we come to Canada. Did you realize the president was even giving a gap between them? So how can she be a girlfriend? When you sent the picture to Facebook, your mother sent you recorded audio, telling you to inform the president of all your challenges in life. So how come, all of a sudden you have become the girlfriend of the president? Rubbish it, so women are friends with presidents, does it mean, they are in a relationship?” he quizzed.

He claimed that the young lady who is based in Canada has reported herself to the Canada Police for having mental illness.

“I am the one who introduced her to the president. I have so many audios from the lady, she will drink poison to die if I release any of the audios. She should stop those foolish things. Some elders have spoken to me to keep quiet, else if I should dedicate just 30minutes to deal with her, she cannot come out publicly again. Is she getting mad? No wonder she has reported herself to Canada Police that she has mental issues.”

Hopeson Adorye had an explanation as to why Serwaa Broni was spotted in the president’s private jet in one of the viral pictures released.

“She called the president when she came to Ghana, and the president told her, he was travelling to Kumasi so she could join them. Can this show, that you are his girlfriend?”

He told Kofi Adoma that Serwaa Broni will soon find herself answering some questions by the Canadian Police for ‘blackmailing’ President Akufo-Addo.

“What she is doing is blackmail. In Canadian law, it is a serious crime. Is she not blackmailing the president? To come out and say that, you will release a naked video of the president on his birthday. If you are not mad, will you do that?”

The former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Kpone-Katamanso Constituency, reiterated that the arrest will soon be effected.
“She will be arrested in Canada, read my lips. We will lodge an official complaint in US through the Ghana Embassy. They have to come out to prove if indeed those pictures of penis belong to the president…I am assuring you, we won’t sit down for the President of the Republic of Ghana to be blackmailed.”

When queried by the host, Kofi Adoma if he (Hopeson Adorye) ever broke into her hotel room, the vociferous NPP stalwart replied, “Read my lips, she is a fool. She is mad. She is a primitive lady. I have voice notes and text messages…This girl will go naked on the street of Canada, mark my words. For lying against me. It was my prayer to God, when she made those allegations against me. It may take long, but people will see it.”

Hearts of Oak vs Kotoko: Stadium attendance for Super Clash increased

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has received clearance for the Ghana Premier League Matchday 7 outstanding match between Hearts of Oak SC and Asante Kotoko SC to be played with an increased capacity at the Accra Sports Stadium.
Following consultations between the GFA, the Ministry of Youth & Sports, the National Sports Authority with the Ghana Health Service and the Covid-19 Taskforce, permission has been granted for the clubs to play in an increased number of spectators.
All spectators and other stakeholders must continue to strictly comply with the directive of wearing facemasks and observe social distancing in the stadium.

The Ghana Health Service will also mount vaccination centres to offer free COVID-19 vaccination to spectators and the general public.

Consequently, more tickets will be available to supporters at the sale centres and at the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: GFA

Meet Auntie Dede, a woman whose image is on 50 Pesewas Coin – Her Profile And Death

Meet Auntie Dede, a woman whose image is on 50 Pesewas Coin – Her Profile And Death
Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey aka Dedei Ashikishan, Pioneer Ghanaian Woman, a Political Activist, Feminist, Chief Financier of CPP and a wealthy flour queen during the Gold Coast era.

At age 30, she was the queen of all flour dealers, that’s where the name ‘Ashikishan’ meaning flour in Ga came from. Dedei became so rich, influential and her huge house at Kokomlemle hosted most CPP women activities.

She, unfortunately, died of food poison at a CPP function at Ho in the Volta Region at age 38 that shook the whole of Accra.

Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey Photo Used for Ghana Post’s Postal Stamp

Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey Photo Used for Ghana’s 50 pesewas coin

She was the woman of the moment then. Her family was told after the 1966 coup that her tea that morning was deliberately poisoned because she knew way too much, she had too much knowledge of top secrets since she was allegedly Dr. Nkrumah’s ‘sidechick’.

All of that still remains unsubstantiated allegations.

The double-decker buses, ‘Auntie Dedei’ brought in to Ghana by Harry Sawyerr in the 80s into the 90s were named after her.

Auntie Dede Double-decker bus

Listed Life Facts About Dedei Aryeetey

  1. Activist: Political Activist.
  2. Feminist: A Preeminent Feminist
  3. Financier: Chief Financier of Convention People’s Party (CPP).
  4. Etymology: Dedei is a generic Ga name for a 1st born girl. Ashikishan is flour in Ga.
  5. Entrepreneur par Excellence: Dedei Ashikishan (DA) was, therefore, the Queen of the flour business in Accra and by extension the whole country.
  6. Early life: DA was born Rebecca Dedei Aryeetey in 1923. The mother was from Ga and the father Ataa Ayite was from Ga (Asere) and Osu. The father’s mother from Osu was called Ama Richter.
  7. Childhood: Dedei grew up in Ga (James Town British Accra).
  8. Education: After basic education, she went straight into flour business.
  9. Business tycoon: By 30, DA was the flour queen in the whole of Accra – wealthy with her huge house in Kokomlemle.
  10. Leader of the Market Mammies Association: She soon became the Market Mammie of Accra’s Makola market.
  11. Campaigner and Financier: She campaigned and funded Nkrumah to win in Ashiedu Keteke, the nerve centre of the Ga-Dangme Confederacy.
  12. Prime Minister of Ghana: If Nkrumah had lost that seat, he would never have become the Prime Minister of Ghana.
  13. Gbedemah: By the time Nkrumah was released from jail in 1951, Gbedemah had mobilized the market women as the backbone of CPP in Accra. The leader of the pack was Dedei.
  14. Nkrumaphoria: The Nkrumaphoria really caught Dedei and she poured MONEY into CPP.
  15. Increased influence: As her financial contribution increased so was her influence in the party.
  16. Targeted: Her closeness to Nkrumah and the usual rumours made her a target.
  17. Accompanied Nkrumah Dedei: Accompanied Kwame Nkrumah to a CPP party function in Ho. She was served some tea, after five minutes she started complaining of stomach pains ‘’kaaa fee, ma fee’’ Dedei was gone by poisoning.
  18. At the burial: At the cemetery, Nkrumah cried like a baby.
  19. No Post Mortem: On the 22nd June 1961, 38year old Rebecca Dedei Ayitey, CPP financier died at a CPP function mysteriously and no post mortem was done.
  20. Unmarried and childless: She died single and childless, she put everything into CPP.
  21. A true Nationalist, she campaigned and funded Nkrumah against her own kinsman Odarkwei Obetsebi-Lamptey.
  22. Harry Sawyerr Double Decker Buses: When Harry Sawyerr brought double-decker to Accra, they were named Auntie Dedei apparently after her.