Officer Haiii-Time Up-(Prod. By Asaawa Dondo)

Time Up is a club oriented banger that seeks to spice up party atmosphere with Mcing vibes and jargons.

The artiste Officer Haiii is a Radio/TV personality as well an MC.
He released his first debut EP titled “Die Empty ” on the 10th of December, 2021.
A solid ten songs Extended Play available on all digital stores.


Controversial Ghanaian cleric, Rev Obofour has sparked a very hot controversy

Controversial Ghanaian cleric, Rev Obofour has sparked a very hot controversy on the internet after suggesting that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross because he committed a grace crime.

According to the general overseer and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel, most of the stories in the Bible are fake and needs to be given a second look.

He further stated that the story of how Daniel slept in the lion’s den unharmed is a Kwaku Ananse story and shouldn’t be trusted.

Rev Obofour’s blasphemous submissions have shocked many Ghanaians, especially those belonging to the Christendom because no one ever projected that he could make such a u-turn and mock the same Bible he uses to preach.


Your kidney is in danger if you start seeing these symptoms.

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. It is required for the majority of important processes in the removal of bodily fluids and nutrients.

Because it is an internal organ, most of its symptoms take time to appear when there is an infection or disease present. However, research has revealed some early signs of kidney illness.

You could have noticed that you’re getting tired, have less energy, and have trouble concentrating.

Toxins and pollutants could build up in the bloodstream if kidney function is significantly reduced in the body. The individual may get weary and weak as a result of his or her kidney’s failure to perform its functions adequately.

You’ll have a hard time sleeping.
When toxins in the blood build up due to the kidney’s failure to empty some of its toxins and waste through urine, the person affected will be exceedingly unhappy since their sleep will be disrupted.

It’s possible that your skin is dry and irritated .
The poisons build up in the kidneys when they are unable to eliminate them. This buildup not only impacts how you sleep, but it also causes toxins to accumulate on your skin, causing it to become dry and irritating.

The consistency of your urine should be foamy.
Another typical indication of renal failure is foamy urine. The urine gets foamy when the body is unable to eliminate toxins, indicating that there are too many poisons in the bloodstream.

You feel compelled to urinate more frequently, particularly at night.
Urge to urinate will also intensify, particularly at night. This is because your kidney filters are malfunctioning.

Your pee contains blood.
When it reaches a mature stage, it will produce blood, which you will notice when you urinate.

Swelling occurs in the ankles and feet.
This is a symptom that most pregnant women have, but it is also a symptom that people with renal disease have. Excess sodium retention in the body causes this condition.

Suicide Attempt by a Senior High School Student After Her Taxi Driver Boyfriend Threatens To Dump Her

After her taxi driver boyfriend threatened to dump her, a seventeen-year-old Form Two student at Ajumako Bisease Senior High School in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region committed suicide. 

According to information gathered by EIB Network Central Regional Correspondent Yaw Boagyan, the student (name withheld), who has been in a relationship with the taxi driver since her Junior High School days, decided to drink detergent to kill herself on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, after her lover told her he’s walking out of the relationship because he’s found another woman with whom he wants to settle down.

Residents near the student’s hostel heard her screaming and begging for help, and raced to her room to find her writhing in pain and foaming at the mouth, with the material laying next her, according to the information acquired. 

She was brought to the government hospital in Ajumako, where she was treated and her condition was stabilized. 

During questioning, she admitted to attempting suicide as a result of her relationship’s problems. 

Her school authorities have filed an official report with the Ajumako District Police, and she is undergoing counseling from the Bisease Senior High School Counseling Department.