JUST IN!!! Ukrainian Embassy Abuja Demands $1000 From Nigerian Volunteer Fighters for Visa and Flight |

The Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria says Nigerians who are willing to travel to Ukraine to fight Russian forces must be willing to provide $1,000 for ticket and visa.

The embassy stated this when scores of Nigerian men converged on its premises in Abuja on Thursday to express their readiness to join the Ukrainian side.

In an interview with our correspondent, the Second Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy to Nigeria, Bohdan Soltys, confirmed that $1,000 would be needed by Nigerian volunteers.

The announcement did not go down well with the Nigerians who lamented that the price was too high.

“The $1,000 requirement is too high,” said Monday Adikwu, with number 96NA/41/2808, who was dismissed from the Nigerian Army for leaving his duty post to visit his pregnant wife without permission.

“They said we should provide evidence of military experience, passports and $1,000 for tickets and others. When I asked what the salary is, the guy first said $7,000 and later changed it to $3,300 per month. I showed him my military and training certificates.”

When asked why he wants to go to Ukraine, Adikwu said he needed money to take care of his family including six children


During the Second World War, (a soldier) obtained a leave allowing him to return to his home, and as soon as he reached the street near his house, he saw a parked military truck loaded with corpses and knew that the enemy had bombed his city.

The truck was carrying dozens of dead bodies and was preparing to transport them to a mass grave.

The soldier stood in front of the piled-up corpses to take his last look at them and noticed that a shoe on a (woman’s) foot looked like a shoe he had previously bought for his wife.

He went to his house in a hurry to check on her, but he quickly retreated and went back to the truck again to check the body and found his wife!!

After his shock, the soldier did not want his wife to be buried in a mass grave, so he asked to be pulled from the truck in preparation for a proper burial.

During the transfer, it was found that she was still breathing slowly and with difficulty, so he carried her to the hospital, where the necessary first aid was given to her and she regained life again!!

Years after this incident and the end of the war, the wife who was almost buried alive became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named “Vladimir Putin”.

He is the current President of Russia!



E-Levy Will Not Be Used As Collateral For Loans – John Kumah

Mr. John Ampontuah Kumah, Deputy Minister for Finance, has denied claims that the electronic transaction levy (e-levy) is going to be used by government as collateral to access additional loans.

“It is not true that the government is going to collateralize e-levy and all that, we are going to have enough revenues to be able to properly deal with the country’s development challenges, for example, to pay contractors working on our roads,” he stated.

Speaking to journalists in Kumasi, Mr Kumah described those assertions as lies and malicious propaganda being peddled by people opposed to the introduction of the levy to create disaffection for the government.

The Deputy Minister said the e-levy was an innovative fiscal policy to help generate adequate local revenue to prosecute the development agenda of the country.

He said the government needed sustainable revenue generation measures to get funds to construct roads, build schools, hospitals, bridges and others, to help bridge the huge infrastructural gap.

Mr Kumah, therefore, called on Ghanaians to support the e-levy to help the government embark on massive road construction and other infrastructural development in the country.

The e-levy seeks to impose a 1.75 per cent levy on some electronic transactions such as mobile money transfers from accounts on one same Electronic Money Issuers (EMI), Mobile Money transfers from accounts on one EMI to a recipient on another EMI and transfers from bank accounts to mobile money accounts.

Also transfers from mobile money accounts to bank accounts and bank transfers originating from a bank account belonging to an individual will also attract the levy.

However, the announcement of the policy in the 2022 budget by the Finance Minister, had met stiff opposition, especially from the Minority in Parliament, and other groups and individuals.

They argue that the new tax policy if allowed to be implemented will bring untold hardships on Ghanaians who are already suffering severe economic hardships.

Asiedu Nketia Warns Ghana Against Taking Sides In The Russian – Ukraine Conflict.

Asiedu Nketia Warns Ghana Against Taking Sides In The Russian – Ukraine Conflict. Watch the full video below 👇👇👇👇