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Police deliberately killed their men alleged to be involved in bullion van robberies – A Plus

Kwame Obeng Asare aka A Plus is alleging that some top police commissioners are behind some police officers who are into robbery.

The police in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, March 8, 2022, said its unit has carried out an operation that led to the killing of two police officers who were arrested in connection to bullion van robberies.

The statement added that four other policemen have also been arrested during its intelligence-led operation at Borteyman near Ashaiman but five other suspects, all civilians, got away with bullet wounds.

However, A Plus says he believes that the killing of the arrested officers yesterday was deliberate. In a Facebook post, he is alleging that the killing could be cover-up tactics by some high-rank Police Officers who work with the arrested officers.

“Some of the officers involved in that robbery are being killed (2 killed already) Why? Because some police commissioners are involved in the robberies. I suspect that they are killing them to cover up,” he said.

The Ghanaian musician who is now a political activist added that “anyone who gives a criminal and an ex-convict, Jah Rule a gun, is simply a fool in uniform. The police service is a huge criminal organization with a few good men“.

A Plus’ Facebook post

A Plus has also hinted that he will drop an exclusive voice note that confirms his allegations. “The next audio is about Gomoa Fetteh. Stay here. I want to prove to you why I suspect the police killed their personal to cover-up their crimes.

When I told them that the real criminals are working with them, you called the criminals and told them A Plus said this and that. These are the same criminals who engage in car jacking in and around Oyibi Adenta area. You know them yet you work with them.

Ghana police!! A criminal organization with a few good men and women. We are going all out today!! Fasten your seat belt“.

At the time of this publication, the Ghana police service has not responded to A Plus’ allegation yet.

Source : Biztown Recordz Ghana

1 thought on “Police deliberately killed their men alleged to be involved in bullion van robberies – A Plus”

  1. Ooo yes and I believe it because we are in this country when this criminal bullian van killing exprose for which it shocks so many Ghanians. Today if we wake up to hear that police officers been killed then it possible that the Police commissioners are part of it.


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