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Moment people started fleeing to nearby communities as gas tanker collides with truck months after Appiatse gas explosionl

There was near pandemonium after residents of Supomu Dunkwa in the Shama District of the Western Region fled for their lives to nearby villages for safety after a gas tanker was involved in a head-on collision with an articulated truck close to the community.
Obviously, with the recent Appiatse gas explosion freshly lurking in the minds of the people, they acted spontaneously by running to adjoining towns and communities after the accident occurred.

The assembly Member for Supomu Dunkwa Alpha Justice Wonkye narrated what happened to Connect FM about how it happened. He said the accident happened at about 8:45 pm close to a cemetery, which is a few meters away from the community.

“It happened during the match between PSG and Real Madrid,” he said. A gas tanker and an articulated truck carrying a 40-feet container were involved in a head-on collision at the Supomu Dunkwa cemetery.

The residents upon hearing the news of the accident without hesitation began fleeing the community. They went to Beposo which is a walking distance away. Others also went to nearby communities to put up with their relatives and friends,” he said in local language Fante.

When asked why the people responded in that manner by running helter-skelter, he said, “the events of Appiatse were widely reported and still fresh in the minds of many Ghanaians including those at Supomu Dunkwa”.

“You will also recall the gas explosion that happened at GHUMCO in Takoradi and even at the Inchaban Police barrier during the discharge of gas at the filling station. The fear of the residents was that there could be an explosion and so they decided to flee to escape any possible explosion.”

He mentioned that apart from the driver of the articulated truck who suffered minor injuries on the leg, there was no casualty.

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