Ghana John Paintsil And His Football Club…..J.P.Fc Visited The Massive tourism attraction at Ajumako Bisease Central Region Ghana.

John Paintsil Football Club Visited The Massive Tourism Attraction Center @ Ajumako Bisease Central Region Ghana

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Hello fellow Bisease-Central-Ghana, greetings to you all, my name is Kojo Beatz And Business Name Is Master Kay Beatz/Mr Kay

and am here to feed you with the best and upcoming big team in the district… we come…..J.P.fc which Located in the A.E.E district……….J.P.fc visited the massive tourism attraction @ Ajumako Bisease-Central-Ghana…..

which is named Solomon Gardens please can’t explain much just check up the pictures and know it yourself……… thanks for supporting your own and we Also welcome everyone… #kojobeatzgh #masterkaybeatz




A.E.E we are one

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