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Launching! Launching!! Launching!!!

Bisease will never be the same, we are going to have *3 In 1* Launching this year.

You can’t miss this action.

After Covid-19, the best of all festivals in the region is yet to happen from Bisease(Aju).

Ever in the history of our town we are going to have 3 in 1 in our launching.

*Dawn Float @ 5am*
*The Abangye Launch @ 3pm*
*Abangye Light Up Street Bash @ 7pm.*

This Launching is happening LIVE in Bisease on *Sunday 12th June 2022*

Watch this space Folks.

Bisease is doing it again, this time…

_Bisease to the World_

Tell a friend to tell a Friend that Bisease Abangye is seriously coming back on track after Covid.

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