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I Will Never Vote For NDC But Mahama’s Government Is 100% Better Than Akufo Addo’s Government – Captain Smart

Captain Smart has now proven that he is truly a die hard NPP member and nothing can change his mind to vote for NDC. But he truly knows that, John Dramani Mahama’s government was far better than this government.

He boldly revealed that, the Mahama government is 100% better than Akufo Addo’s government in terms of building developmental projects or infrastructures.

He said, John Mahama during his short time in governance single handedly built about 84% of infrastructures in the Polytechnics in the country.

Captain then asked, who built all these Community Day schools that have been left to destroy in the bushes? Mahama did but let’s ask ourselves how many have did government built and how many has he even completed?

He also said that, the NPP government under the current government only made promises but has not fulfilled all these promises. But John Dramani Mahama’s adminstration did a lot of things that Akufo Addo can never do.

To conclude everything, he added that, Akufo Addo is leaving a poor legacy behind that his family might not be proud of because everyone is talking about the things going on in his government.

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