Bisease ABANGYE festival 22 Program Outline..

*Sunday, 3rd July 2022*
✔️Commencement of Abangye Soccer Gala Competition. *Time: 1:00pm*

*Sunday, 31st July, 202*
✔️Nananom Gala Tournament Quarter-Final. *Time: 3:00pm*
✔️Pre-Abangye Prayer Fiesta. *Time: 6:30pm*

*Monday 1st August, 2022.*
✔️Indoor games begin. *Time: 8:00am*
✔️Semi-final Nananom Gala Tournament @ Roman Park. *Time: 1:00pm*

*Tuesday 2nd August, 2022.*
✔️Clean up Exercise.
✔️Tree Planting. *Time: 6:00am*
✔️Youth Forum.  *Time: 3:00pm*

*Wednesday 3rd August 2022*
✔️Health Screening. *Time: 8:00pm*
✔️Indoor Games Continuation. *Time: 3:00pm*

*Thursday, 4th August 2022*
✔️Street Art, Street Dance, Street Rap, Street Riding, Street Volley.  *Time: 8:00pm*
✔️Akwaba Night Float. *Time: 5:00pm*

*Friday, 5th August 2022*
✔️Mpapapim – (Pounding of palm fronds). *Time: 6:00am*
✔️Abangye Durbar. *Time: 12:00pm*
✔️Casting of Asosonsu. *Time: 3:00pm*
✔️ Biztown To The World Street Carnival. *Time: 7:00pm*

*Saturday, 6th August 2022*
✔️Abangye Mega Health Walk. *Time: 5:00am*
✔️Abangye Grand FundRaising Durbar. *Time: 1:00pm*
✔️Abangye LiveBand.  *Time: 7:00pm*

*Sunday, 7th August 2022*
✔️Churches Thanksgiving Service
✔️Nananom Gala Tournament Final Match.  *Time: 2:00pm*
✔️Sunday In-Town Float & Dinner.  *Time: 6:30pm*

*Monday, 8th August 2022*
✔️Brassband Float. *Time: 10:00am*
✔️”Meet Me There” (MMT) Beach. *Time: 7:00am*

*Bisease Abangye to the World*

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