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AJUMAKO AKWAMBO FESTIVAL 22 With The Program Outline.. 3y3 BuGa oooo BuGa Ajumako to the world.

Mon. 22nd August,2022*
3:00pm, brassband /jama float through Ajumako Town
8:00 Prayers, worship and praises

Tue.23rd August 2022
7:00 clean up exercise
2:00 commencement of football gala

Wed. 24th August 2022
8:00 cooking competition
2:00 football gala continues

Thur. 25th August 2022
8:00 health screening
2:00 football gala finals
8:00 live band

Fri. 26th August 2022
5:00 obolo health walk
12:00 twins procession
6:00 orange night float

Sat. 27th August 2022
4:30 dawn float to Denkyira
12:30 Akwanmu
8:00 street carnival

Sun. 28th August 2022
9:00 church service and fund raising
7:00 live band

Mon 29th August 2022
2:00 football match
6:00 picnic/ night float

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