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Major Top StoryTop PoliticsNDC’s N/R 1st Vice Chairman picked up by police

The Northern Region 1st Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), Alhaji Rufai Vielim, has been arrested by police in Tamale.

His arrest is in connection with an attack on the party’s regional office by some irate youth on Tuesday, August 23.

His arrest came after it was alleged that he influenced the youth to besiege the office, leading to the destruction of party properties amidst gunshots.

Alhaj Rufai Vielim is reported to have objected the decision of the NDC’s Regional Executive Committee to endorse Mr. Ali Adolf as the acting regional chairman.

The irate youth’s action, which was captured on camera, was in protest of the party’s leadership decision in appointing Ali Adolf as the acting regional chairman following the passing onto glory of the late regional chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila.

According to the youth, appointing Ali Adolf as the acting regional chairman of the ND is an attempt by the regional executives to relegate the First Regional Vice Chairman, Alhaji Rufai Vellim, to the background.



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