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Meet World’s hairiest man Larry Gomez earns Nickname Wolf Man

Larry Gomez of California has earned the moniker “Wolf Man” because 98 percent of his body, including his face, is covered with thick, black hair.

After years of humiliation and persecution, a guy whose body is almost totally covered with hair now proudly claims the title of “world’s hairiest man.”

He was born with congenital generalized hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition that affects less than 100 people globally, including many members of his family.World’s hairiest man Larry Gomez

Cruel youngsters tormented Mr Gomez, whose actual name is Victor, during school, isolating him because of his odd appearance.

But, after earning a reputation for himself in Hollywood, he has finally learnt to accept his uniqueness and is now known as the world’s hairiest guy.

Mr. Gomez’s increased confidence also helped him find love, as he recently married Alicia Martinez, whom he met when looking for an apartment in 2011.World’s hairiest man Larry Gomez

He hopes to share his experience to inspire people to feel secure in their own skin by encouraging them to look past appearances and get to know the person behind.


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