TV3 GhanaThis came to light when Counsel for Dr Forson, Dr Abdul Basit Bamba, subjected

TV3 Ghana
This came to light when Counsel for Dr Forson, Dr Abdul Basit Bamba, subjected the Health Minister to cross-examination on Thursday following Mr. Agyeman-Manu’s evidence in Chief.


“I have no evidence that Ato Forson authorized payment for ambulances – Agyeman-Manu”

We talk this! Just a letter which wasn’t instructing payment. You have ordered for vaccines and allegedly added $9 to every dose. You are walking free and have the audacity to be a star witness in prosecuting someone else.

KS’ writes additionally

With all the noise, insult and threats directed at Hon. CAF you come back to tell the so called court that you do not have any evidence against the person you seek to prosecute and further send him to jail.

It is only in Ghana that this will happen that a supposed thief is running after someone who had truthfully served the state just because they see him as a threat.

He must prosecute himself for the COVID Vaccines that he procured with corrupt intent

Thieves are always looking for someone to take their shame so that they will not even be suspected..

Still God is supreme

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