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history and people; Six interesting facts about Ajumako Essaman.

Ajumako Essaman is one of the communities in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District which cannot be overlooked in writing the history of the Fantes.

The community is among the earliest form settlements in Central Region and Ghana as a whole.

The most fascinating parts is the interesting stories leading to the establishment and naming of the community.

As part of the program on Facebook dubbed It’s Good to Know, Savika TV engaged the chief, Nana Amankwah Eduah XII, in an interview. It was also an opportunity for the team to join the people in their annual Special Akwambo celebration.

The engagement with Nana reveals six interesting things that you need to know about Ajumako Essaman.


1. Ajumako Essaman people migrated from Gomoa in the Central Region. Oral tradition accounts have it that the ancestors of people of Ajumako Essaman were part of the Fante people who settled in Mankessim when they arrived from Techiman in the 15th Century. However, as Mankessim became overpopulated, Obaatan Gomoa left to settle the present day. Later, Gomoa equally grew and there was the need for some of the people leave just as. That is when Essar and her people settled at the present day Ajumako Essaman.

2. Ajumako Essaman people are the first settlers in Ajumako Enyan Essiam District. Again, history tells it that, Essar, the ancestral mother of the people was the first to occupy the land. She later handed a portion of the land to her little sister known as Efuwa Ajumako to settle in the present day Ajumako, the district capital of the district. As earliest settlers, the people fought hard to capture most of the lands in the area. Nana mentioned that his territory extends to far places and share boundaries with the Agona and the Gomoa people.


3. The name of the community; Essaman has no meanings. If you ever wonder how the community got its name, then the answer to your worries is here. According to the account given by the chief, Essaman was named after the ancestral mother, Essar. ‘Oman’ is the Fante Language means community. So simply put Essaman means Essar’s Community. Again, the earliest settlers claimed that they were blessed because they were producing more yields from their farming. They saw the land as a blessed one which the Fante people pronounce it as ‘Siar man’. As years go by it was coiled to current name Essaman.

4. The stool name of the chief is Nana Amankwah Eduah. Again, it was said that the stool of the chief was derived from the first occupant of the throne. His name was Nana Amankwah Eduah. Currently, the 12th chief is occupying the throne hence they have Nana Amankwah Eduah XII.

5. The festival of the people is celebrated on the 1st Tuesday in September. The purpose of the celebration is to remember the heroes who fought hard to help establish the community and making it as it is today.

6. Dr Kwagyir Aggrey hailed from Ajumako Essaman. One history that has been hidden from the people is one of their heroes, Dr Kwagyir Aggrey. It is written in almost every book that the man was from Anomabo in Central Region. However, Nana has made it clear that Dr Aggrey rather relocated to Anomabo seek educational opportunities at very tender age. The revealed that Dr Aggrey was a member of the Yoko family of Ajumako Essaman.



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