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Nana Ampadu inspired me to do music – J.A. Adofo

Veteran highlife musician Obuoba J.A. Adofo
VETERAN highlife musician Obuoba J.A. Adofo has disclosed that he got lots of inspiration from the late Nana Kwame Ampadu to go into music.
He mentioned that as a young adult growing up, he always admired how people celebrated Nana Kwame Ampadu when he visited their hometown.

The thought of experiencing and being showered with such praises encouraged him to work hard on his musical skills at the time.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz at the final funeral rites of the late Nana Kwame Ampadu in Obo Kwahu today, the renowned performer and entertainer said he was glad to have walked that path which has brought him relevance over the years.

“Many success stories have been written about me and my music and I attribute that to the inspiration I picked from my late relative. He made a significant impact on how my music career and that of a number of people as well,” he said.

At Nana Kwame Ampadu’s funeral in Accra (PHOTOS)

The Ankwanobi hitmaker believed that people like the late music icon, who had a significant impact in Ghana and beyond in the Creative space  should be duly honoured for their significant contributions the music industry.

“It is understandable that the dead is mostly honoured than the living of which the good bible doesn’t even dispute such occurrences. That is exactly what has happened after Nana Ampadu’s death. So far, I’m content with how the state has honoured him including airlifting him to Obo Kwahu for the funeral service. I believe we should honour our heroes and give them state funerals just as we have done for Nana. But I  think Nana Ampadu would have been much pleased if he had received such honour when he was still alive. But all the same, I’m happy with the massive show of love and support after his death till now,” he said.

As eulogies kept pouring in for Nana Ampadu during the final funeral rites, many touted his huge contribution of mentoring young musicians to walk a similar path.

Some young mourners who didn’t experience Nana Ampadu’s calming, and proverbial songs told Graphic Showbiz they had hoped he lived longer to continue to learn from his pot of wisdom which he shared through his music.

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