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Photos of the first girlfriend of the solider who was murdered in Ashaiman surfaces

A young lady alleged to be the first girlfriend of the soldier who was stabbed to death in Ashaiman has gone viral on social media after sharing a series of all loved-up videos she made with her lover prior to his shocking demise.

Apparently, the young fair lady who is simply identified on social media as Ankamah Benedicta is believed to be the main girlfriend of the late Imoro Sherif because another lady named Nana Yaa has also taken social media by storm with her own ‘bedroom’ videos with the deceased military officer.

At the moment, both ladies namely Ankamah Benedicta and Nana Yaa Mingle who is a nurse all claim to be the lovers of murdered Imoro Sherif.


Obaa wei nti: Ghanaians react as photos of the girlfriend of the Ashaiman soldier pop up

He left his girlfriend’s place at 2:00 am – New info about the death of soldier who was murdered at Ashaiman revealed

For the past 24 hours, they have been consistently posting cuddling videos they made with their ‘boyfriend’ just to cement their claims of being in a romantic relationship with the young and promising military officer who was murdered in cold blood by a set of Ashaiman thugs who are yet to be identified and arrested.

There’s a brewing beef between these two ladies because if my guess is right, the late solider might have lied to them both that each was the only woman in his life – Meanwhile, he was chopping them simultaneously.

Take a look at some of the pictures of Ankamah Benedicta, the alleged first girlfriend of late Imoro Sherrif.

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