Ajumako is the capital town of Ajumako Enyan Esiam District in the central region of Ghana.

Ajumako is the capital town of Ajumako Enyan Esiam District in the central region of Ghana.

Ajumako celebrates Akwambo festival and it has a motto:”Efuwa Edwumako; Ye fura fura hen ho” which means we are together and we support ourselves. Ajumako Town is made up of different people and tribes.

The town has UEW , Ajumako Campus. This year’s Efuwa Edwumako Akwambo festival ( BUGA 22) will start from Monday,22nd August,2022 to 29th August,2022. Ajumako is popular in the universe

because of their delicious and expensive Ampesi preparation ( Ajumako AMPESI; w) b) kaw wodzi). And has the most longest serving chief in central region and beyond ( okokodurfo ogyeabo Kwamena Hamma Ababio omanhene of Ajumako traditional area

AJUMAKO AKWAMBO FESTIVAL 22All we say is 3y3 BuGa oooo BuGa

Hello Family And Friends, am here to updates you on this massive AJUMAKO Akwambo Festival 22, which is coming on live at AJUMAKO in the central region Ghana. Ajumako Akwambo will start on 22nd- August 2022 to 29th August 2022.

Ajumako Akwambo Festival is one of the best festival Event in the Central Region Ghana and it has more cultural displays that tells how Ajumakoman was founded.

Can’t wait to celebrate this great and massive event with you guys, so please let all get prepared and come in numbers, so we all can have fun and do business as well.

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Welcome to Yaa Jesus Enterprise.. We deal in a kind of footwears…

Welcome to Yaa Jesus Enterprise.. We deal in a kind of footwears… Sneaker, sandals, office wears children wears  etc both male and female.. This is an Enterprise of wholesale and retail prices.. Main branch at Accra UTC me na ba market. We are here to inform you that we have open a sub branch at Ajumako- Bisease (cotar ano) In front of the Bisease mosque.. Note::The prices and the Accra prices are the same. Don’t waste your time in this heavy traffic. We are hoping to see you
We Care for.. Yaa Jesus Enterprise for us all

Available numbers 0242966629

Yah this is page 2 cold Store.We are located at “koaltaano Ajumako Bisease-Central-Ghana “

Yah this is page 2 cold Store.
We are located at “koaltaano “
We sell all these :

Goat meat and it other parts
Cow meat and it other parts
Salmon, tilapia, saiko( that is assorted Fishes), Kpanla(tumbiow),Red fish,Hake(armma),

Cow feet (kotodwe)
Chicken drumsticks
Chicken wings
Chicken Back
Chicken thigh (both hard and soft)

Sausage -( I have all types : Sandia, seara, confidence, nana, Pena Bianca)
# as low as GHC 4 you will go home with something good.

note : I have only one shop (so let no one deceive you that I have branches)
Moto: obiara wɔ taste

Call for your orders: 0244920289/0249741889

Happy Sunday From Aseda Events Center at Ajumako Bisease-Central-Ghana.

Hello good morning to you and happy Sunday…..
Am here to updates you on some of the upcoming programs on 4th Aug 22.. at Aseda Events Center.. Ajumako Bisease-Central-Ghana
And You Are Invited
Thank You…….